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Two is better than one: the well-being hotels

In our well-being hotels, the name says it all: culinary dances of joy, fine wines, and soothing relaxation ensure an unforgettable stay. Discover Hotel Das Badl and Ansitz Angerburg! We, Roman and Luca, will prepare an unforgettable time-out for you in both hotels.

Cosy togetherness at Hotel Das Badl

Our hotelin Kaltern is situated just above the village centre, close to the Mendola/Mendel funicular and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Gently nestled in picturesque vineyards and yet just 5 kilometres from Lake Caldaro, our hotel offers the ideal settings for a quiet, enjoyable, and above all, romantic holiday in our 28 rooms.

Royal holidays at Ansitz Angerburg

A green oasis in Eppan surrounded by fragrant flowers – that is Ansitz Angerburg. Step inside and enjoy the royal ambience and the extensive park full of trees and bushes that surrounds our hotel, as well as our elegant silkie chickens. All our actions are guided by the principles of sustainability, regionality, and environmental protection. You can go on dreamlike hikes and bike tours directly in front of the hotel door, and in the evening we crown your day with culinary flights of fancy.

Adventures in South Tyrol’s south

Mediterranean climate, Alpine views, and countless activity options – all this awaits you in South Tyrol's south. Explore the surrounding mountains, refresh yourself in Lake Caldaro or in the Montiggl lakes and bask in the warm rays of sunshine. In winter, the most spectacular skiing areas are fast and easy to reach.