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Your gourmet hotels in South Tyrol

At our gourmet hotel in the South Tyrol,it is a real pleasure for us to prepare an unforgettable holiday for you. We look forward to spoiling you with all kinds of delicacies from the kitchen and cellar! At hotel Das Badl, our kitchen team will spoil you with culinary delights from South Tyrol, refined with Mediterranean dishes and fine ingredients. At Ansitz Angerburg, the cuisine is all about sustainability and respect for nature.

Culinary flights of fancy in South Tyrol’s south

When you spend your gourmet holiday in South Tyrol at Hotel Das Badl, we will spoil you with a sumptuous breakfast in our conservatory, an afternoon snack, and a five-course dinner menu of your choice. At Ansitz Angerburg, your gourmet hotel in Eppan in South Tyrol, you start the day with a feel-good breakfast made from local and seasonal products and in the evening enjoy hearty culinary delights from South Tyrolean as well as international specialities.

Sustainability is of utmost importance to us!

You’ve heard right, in our gourmet hotels in South Tyrol we love nature and make sure that the dreamlike landscapes that surround us will be preserved for the next generations. At Ansitz Angerburg in particular, we have devised a comprehensive package for environmental protection that we implement with a lot of love. Are you curious to see what this encompasses?

The perfect accompaniment for every dish

It goes without saying that a great meal also needs the right wine. Taste your way through the fine vintages of our gourmet hotels in South Tyrol and bask in the intense aromas that fill your nose and palate. Each sip will take you on a journey to the lush vineyards around our hotels in Kaltern and environs, to sun-drenched slopes on nutrient-rich soil, and put a smile on your face. How about a light Müller-Thurgau, a ruby-red Vernatsch, or an elegant Rosé, for example? With us it’s easy to find your personal favourite amongst all the South Tyrolean wines. Come by our hotels on South Tyrol’s Wine Road and see for yourself!