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Our wellness hotels near Lake Caldaro

Ever since spring 2013, Das Badl, your wellness hotel at Lake Caldaro,has revolved around successful adults-only holidays in South Tyrol’s south. Das Badl is meant to be a place where the clock ticks a little slower and where the joy of togetherness with your favourite people comes to the foreground. The focus is on relaxation. We have created the right ambience and make sure that during your holiday at the lake-side hotel in Kaltern am See, you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying yourself extensively. We want to pamper you at our wellness hotel at Lake Caldaro – with culinary delights from the kitchen, in the wellness area with wellness treatments and massages, and of course our heartfelt service. We are happy to be at your disposal at any time for yourtime-out from everyday life.

Well-being is guaranteed in Eppan

Wellness in Kaltern is not the end of relaxation: At Ansitz Angerburg, our hotel in Eppan in South Tyrol, we also pamper you with relaxation in our 7,000m² park with leisure pool, whirlpool, massage beds, garden sauna, and garden of bliss. Here, among rose bushes, fruit trees, banana plants, and fragrant flowers, relaxation comes easily, and doing nothing is more enjoyable than ever.

Well-being at home

Wellness for every day – experience relaxing moments at home with our wellness tips.

Grapes work wonders on tired skin

More and more cosmetics manufacturers rely on grapes as natural suppliers of energy. Grapes provide the skin with lots of magnesium, vitamin B, fruit acid, and antioxidants, which provide protection from free radicals (the ageing process). Grapes also contain tannin, a natural brightener, which allows even a tired complexion to glow again. Grape seed oil contains the essential fatty acids that are fantastic for connective tissue. These essential fatty acids help purify and stimulate the metabolism. Treat yourself to a moisturising cream or a peel using grape seed oil. On your next visit to our wellness hotels near Lake Caldaro, treat yourself to a grape seed peel and get pampered from head to toe!

Nettle for the hair

Cook a very strong tea of nettle leaves and massage it into damp hair. After 15 minutes, the properties of the nettle stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp. This is helpful against dandruff and hair loss. At our wellness hotels in South Tyrol at Lake Caldaro, we offer special head and neck massages – an endless pleasure for wellness fans! Tip: it’s easier to do together with a partner!

Wellness for your bath at home

After experiencing the soothing effects of the different wellness baths during your wellness and beauty holiday, you will want the same experience at home. There are several bath essences available for wonderful wellness moments for two. Do you not have a bathtub? Then book your stay at Das Badl, our hotel in Kaltern am See! Choose between our relaxation baths and look forward to an extra dose of relaxation including seductive aromas …

Vitamins support beauty

If you want to do something good for yourself after your holiday in South Tyrol’s south, you can start from within: with vitamins! Vitamin C, which is found in kiwis, apples, broccoli, kale, parsley, bell peppers, sprouts, and potatoes, ensures firm and renewed skin. Vitamin E is another natural cosmetic. It is able to neutralise free radicals that contribute to the ageing process. This healthy vital substance is found in sunflower seeds, cold-pressed oils, almonds, wheat germ, avocados, and green vegetables (peas, beans, etc.). Provitamin A, on the other hand, acts as a sunscreen from within and is also an “enemy” of free radicals. Those who want a vitamin A boost should enjoy mangoes, peaches, kale, pumpkin, lamb’s lettuce, wheat germ, savoy cabbage, and carrots. Don’t forget to drink two to three litres per day (preferably mineral water or unsweetened tea). Now, nothing stands in the way of beauty from within. As part of our pampering board, we spoil you in our romantic adults-only wellness hotels at Lake Caldaro with mainly regional and seasonal vitamin-rich ingredients from A to Z – enjoy your meals during your holiday with us!

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