Hiking through South Tyrol’s south

Put on your hiking boots and head out into the wonderful natural landscape of Oltradige/Überetsch! Around Kaltern and Eppan you will find numerous leisurely walking trails suitable for prams as well as wonderful hiking tours – there is something for everyone here! Whether you prefer to hike through lush vineyards and forests or dare to tackle majestic peaks, South Tyrol’s south is the perfect destination for every active holidaymaker.

Our hiking tips

Are looking forward to exploring South Tyrol’s nature during your holiday in Kaltern or Eppan? Then we have some great tips for you:

Lake Caldaro and environs

On 200 kilometres of well-marked hiking trails, you can hike in the surroundings of Lake Caldaro. Level of difficulty: easy to medium. In spring and autumn, hike mainly in the bottom of the valley – a classic is the circular walk around the lake, in high summer, easily accessible mountain peaks are a refreshing alternative. Head up the Mendola/Mendel, the Penegal, Roen, or the Monte Macaion/Gantkofel.

Up onto the Mendola/Mendel

Although the Mendola/Mendel is already part of the neighbouring region of Trentino, it is still seen by the Kaltern and Eppan locals as their mountain. The easiest way up to Mendola/Mendel mountain is via the Mendola/Mendel funicular railway, which can be reached on foot from our well-being hotel Das Badl. From Ansitz Angerburg you can easily reach the Mendola/Mendola funicular railway by public transport. It’s the longest and steepest (64% gradient!) funicular railway in Europe and takes you up to the Mendola/Mendel Pass in only twelve minutes, where numerous hikes on Roen and Penegal mountain can be enjoyed.

To the ice holes – a natural phenomenon

A natural phenomenon: a constant temperature of 4°C prevails in the ice holes throughout the entire year! This natural wonder can be explained by the physical principle of the wind tube. The mountain air at the Penegal flows downward through a complicated system of gaps between the porphyry blocks and cools along the way. The heavy cold air stays as a pool of cold air in a sort of trough. At an altitude of approximately 500 metres, plant life thrives that can otherwise only be found in higher Alpine regions. 

A walk through Frühlingstal

A hike through the Frühlingstal valley from Kaltern to the Montiggl lakes near Eppan is rewarding. The climatically advantageous location allows flowers to bloom earlier in spring than in the surrounding areas of our well-being hotels.

From Eppan to Kaltern

Walk from one of our well-being hotels to the other: From Ansitz Angerburg, walk to the southern end of the village centre of St. Michael and then follow the road southwards. Soon you will catch sight of the village of Oberplanitzing and continue hiking on trails 15 or 15A to Kaltern.

The castle hike in Eppan

Eppan welcomes you with a variety of castles and palaces. Take a historical hike to Korb Castle, Hocheppan Castle and the Boymont Castle ruins! The hike begins at Korb Castle, leads along trail no. 9 to the chalk tower and on to Hocheppan Castle. Continue on trail no. 9A to the Boymont Castle ruins. Along the way, you walk through the Hocheppan valley on a 60-metre-long wooden staircase. After a total of 2.5 hours you return to the starting point.