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Hotels on South Tyrol’s Wine Road:

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Our hotels on South Tyrol’s Wine Road are located in one of the oldest winegrowing regions in Italy, amidst picturesque vineyards and lush green apple orchards. The fascinating landscapes that surround our hotels on South Tyrol’s Wine Road testify to the close connection between man and wine. Around Ansitz Angerburg and Hotel Das Badl, the grapes ripen for tasty South Tyrolean red and white wines: Lagrein, Vernatsch, and Gewürztraminer are the names of the famous wines. This historic wine region is the ideal setting for your relaxing break. Wine plays a major role in our two hotels on the Wine Road in South Tyrol. Every evening we recommend the wine to match our gourmet dinner and at our bars we serve a wide selection of open wines from South Tyrol, other regions of Italy, and international wine regions. At Hotel Das Bald we also offer weekly wine tastings in our wine cellar or at a nearby winery.

The wine village of Kaltern

Kaltern on South Tyrol’s Wine Road has made a name for itself primarily as a wine village and through the “Kalterersee Auslese” wine. This wine, made from Vernatsch grapes, is cultivated on almost half of the Kaltern vineyard area. In addition, classic varieties like Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet, Merlot, and Lagrein thrive in Kaltern. Our gourmet hotels in South Tyrol will gladly lead you on a wine tasting in the rustic cellar of our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. On this occasion, we will introduce you to the technical terminology of the winegrowers and sommeliers and let you taste the fine wines of the area. A further highlight for wine lovers is the visit to the Lieselehof with its wine museum and the subsequent wine tasting in the cellar of the winery. A visit to the Niklaserhof winery including an exclusive wine tasting is possible upon request. The idyllic winery in Kaltern is not far from Das Badl, our hotel in Kaltern am See.

Fine wines from Eppan and Kaltern

Here, you will find a small selection of our fine wines, which will not only taste delicious during your holiday in South Tyrol's south, but also back at home.

Vernatsch (red wine)

A light, fruity wine from Vernatsch grapes, the oldest indigenous red wine in South Tyrol. This wine is known for its bright to strong ruby-red colour and cherry, currant, and almond aroma as well as delicate hint of violets. Dry, soft, and, at the same time, with a robust structure.

Ideal with pasta, smoked dishes, and light main courses.

Tip for enjoyment: Always enjoy chilled, 12-14°C is ideal!

Lagrein (red wine)

One of the most important indigenous wines of South Tyrol. For many years, it has represented South Tyrol in its colour and depth, with a ruby-red to dark garnet colour, and aroma of violets and blackberries. Full and velvety taste and beloved in our hotel on South Tyrol’s Wine Road.

Ideal with meat dishes, savoury appetisers, and full-flavoured cheeses.

Gewürztraminer (white wine)

Gewürztraminer is one of the most sought-after wines in South Tyrol. It is a straw-coloured to golden, aromatic, full-bodied white wine with a pleasant dry, slightly full-flavoured aroma. Besides a spicy bouquet, hints of carnations, roses, and lychees are also noticeable.

Ideal with risotto, seafood, shellfish, and crustaceans as well as savoury cheeses.

Organic white wine

Close to our hotel in Kaltern, the Bronner grape is cultivated and used for the “Julian” organic wine of the Lieselehof farm. Intensively golden in colour, its fragrance is redolent of fruit blossoms, peaches, lychees, and grapefruit. A full-bodied wine with good strength and very complex structure.

Ideal with aperitifs, fish, and Asian cuisine.


Kretzer or Rosé is a pink to light ruby-red wine with a delicate, pleasant aroma. It has a stimulating fresh flavour, and goes well with hearty appetisers, smoked fish, white meat, and vegetarian dishes.

You can buy local wines from Kaltern at the large winery cooperatives, in local wine shops, and also at the numerous smaller producers, as well as here in our hotels on South Tyrol’s Wine Road.